How Accurate Are the Mobile Number Lookup Services?

So laws have been passed that forbid mobile phone companies from selling their customer databases to third parties, as the other types of phone companies do. Therefore, reverse mobile lookup services have to collect mobile numbers and the customer data associated with them one number at a time. They sometimes do it by offering reverse mobile free of charge - one time, and only after you give the company your mobile number, name, address, etc. That's how reverse mobile services get many of their records. Of course, then your personal information is up for sale, too!

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Some mobile number lookup sites even provide a form where people can enter the name and address associated with a mobile number, without offering anything in return. I doubt they verify this data, so that casts doubt on the usefulness of their service.

Reverse mobile services such as ReverseMobile. The city displayed is usually based on the area code, or tied to the store where the mobile number was first issued. The problem here is that for many years, mobile phone numbers have been portable from one provider to another, and as people move from one city to another, this information never gets updated.

For example, I have a friend who lives in Oregon, but a search on his mobile number still shows a location in California, even though he moved years ago. While researching this topic, I tested a dozen mobile phone numbers of friends that live all over the USA, with a variety of service providers. None of those searches revealed any useful information, other than the dubious city names and a guess at the mobile provider.

But they ALL pointed me to paid search options, with the promise of scanning "millions of records in our database" to reveal the name and address of the owner of the mobile number.

8 Reverse Phone Sites Like Spy Dialer

PhoneDetective is one site where quite a few of the "free mobile lookup" sites funnel their visitors. Many reverse mobile lookup services have monthly or annual plans as well, presumably for people who get a lot of crank calls or make a lot of debt collection calls. So I decided to take PhoneDetective for a test drive. I entered a mobile number for which I know the owner's contact information -- a number they've had for at least eight years.

I promptly requested a refund, and if that doesn't happen, I'll report back here.

Some sources estimate that reverse mobile service providers cover about 80 to 90 percent of all active mobile phone numbers. All we know is there's a significant chance that a reverse mobile lookup will find no results. That's why most reverse mobile services offer a money-back guarantee: if they don't find the information you want, you don't pay. Yes, it's quite a bit more expensive than calling your local phone company's directory assistance operator for a landline phone listing.

Reverse mobile lookup exists because there is a need in the marketplace. And it costs a lot because a it's difficult and expensive to gather mobile phone information and b people really, really want it! Do you have experience using a reverse mobile phone lookup service? Post your comment or question below It's Guaranteed to Make You Smarter Are You in the Google Filter Bubble?

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Posted by: Susan 26 Apr I've had some luck just googling the number and will get links to sites that post scams and the numbers associated with them. Posted by: Jeff Zimmer 26 Apr I've found it to be an excellent resource. If I don't recognise a number I typically let it go to voice mail. Most legitimate callers will leave some sort of message. Posted by: marysc 26 Apr The best I've found is freecellsearch. They also accept payment by Paypal which reassures me they won't get me on a hook and never let me go. Posted by: Stewart 26 Apr A number of call centres are using automatic dialling on the basis that maybe only one in ten calls will be answered.

If you happen to answer a call but no-one is free to talk to you, the number will immediately hang up and not leave a message. I save these numbers as 'SPAM' and avoided answering one of these a few days ago. Particularly frustating as I spend a lot of time abroad and it costs me money to answer calls. Posted by: Doc 26 Apr When ever I've gotten those numbers on my cell - I got it for ME, not others so in 3? So when the phone rings my special friends have one tone, then all others I have listed have a second tone, and all others have a third, so I can tell my real 'Best Friends' who only call in emergent situations - and those who I might call, can wait a bit, and the numbers I don't have listed on my phone, are lucky if I even look at them.

When I get one of those calls, I try to look up the number through google. I often see a LOT of folks have comments about not getting anything when they called back - and since I have one of those cheap plans where I pay if I call or if I am called I don't use it much.

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Thus my CB 'kicks' about watts on max 5 watts is max legal and my FRS kicks about 75 watts on max. Now MY take is 1 if you answer or call back you confirm that your number is 'active' - and 2 if you put ANY data on a site THEY say is dedicated to finding out who these bothersome folks are, they compile saleable data on you and perhaps your phone number if you are ignorant enough to enter it. And at least they can track a call they made and set up a webpage to see - track you to your ISP which is roughly geographic in location - though I use a free proxy if it doesn't slow me down much.

MY advice is, if you don't know the number, and you are NOT expecting a call, forget it. But then I only have one DIAL up phone in my entire house and it's locked in my office so I don't have to deal with it unless I'm 'at work'. Pick-up a phone call, and no one is there, I suspect it's an auto-dialer that can tell if your phone goes to voice mail, and then you are on a 'good number' list, just like the 'please remove me' reply to spam only confirms your e-mail address as 'active', better than simply a 'valid' number.

Like grandma always said: the primary reason she had a phone was for HER convenience, not for others, it was not bad to use it to help others and save them some time. But it's never worth running to answer if it meant a job was left undone, or you hurt yourself or others to get there first. That was before their number would be there to call back, don't answer and you can wonder forever who it was and you'll learn if it's honestly important they'll call back, and if not, they won't - and what a waist of time talking to someone who wouldn't even take the time to call you back.

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But then again, most of you have never grown up rurally enough to know how 12 or 24 party lines worked - We were J We had 36 people on that 'J' line. Privacy becomes more precious the less we have of it, or so many market economists would lead you to believe.

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So, become a true revolutionary: create wealth until you have so much, it's worth nothing if you had all the money in the world, it would lose ALL it's value : don't use your phone, and watch the market on privacy first soar, then crash and burn. Burst that bubble baby! Quiet Baby Quiet! Posted by: Jim 26 Apr I had an issue where I kept getting a txt mssg.

After a little research and finding a ton of sites that wanted to charge me for "maybe" finding the owner, I finally found a site that was free. Although it is a little "sneaky" but legal it is called spy dialer spydialer. Of course if they don't have a voice message set up you won't hear anything, but the price is right, and it doesn't leave them any trace of who called them. Posted by: Steve 26 Apr Posted by: Cros' 26 Apr After recieving numerous "missed calls" from an out of state numberon my cell, I used several "free" reverse call lookups.

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